Women’s Injury Law Issues

Locke & Quinn is home to the Women’s Injury Law Center which provides sophisticated, experienced and aggressive representation of severely injured persons rendered with compassion.

The Women’s Injury Law Center, directed by Colleen M. Quinn provides legal services for:

  • Women who want to be represented by women.
  • Men who want to be represented by women.
  • Children who benefit from female representation.

Women Who Want Female Representation

In the world of personal injury, women who sustain injuries often prefer to be represented by other women who can relate to female specific issues. Sometimes it takes a woman to understand the concerns of an injured woman and to understand the exact nature of a woman’s injury. Some female specific issues include:

  • Assault, sexual assault and rape cases (see brochure)
  • Brain injuries affecting multi-tasking abilities
  • Injuries involving post traumatic stress disorder, depression and other mental and emotional disorders
  • Malpractice cases involving breast, ovarian, cervical, uterine and other cancers
  • Cases against obstetricians or gynecologists
  • Cases involving injuries to private parts of a women’s anatomy
  • Injuries involving facial scars and other disfigurements
  • Cases involving stay-at-home moms who need women who can quantify the loss of service to the household
  • Cases involving working moms who need to quantify a loss of service beyond lost wages

Men Who Want Female Representation

Men who sustain injuries also have needs and issues that can often be better addressed via female representation. These issues can include:

  • The strategic need for female representation especially when injured by a female
  • The ability to open up more to a woman about the depth and extent of injury
  • Cases involving single dads who need to quantify a loss of service beyond lost wages
  • Cases involving stay-at-home dads who need to quantify loss of household and parenting services

Children Who Need Female Representation

Children have special issues and needs that likewise often warrant female representation. These issues may include:

  • Claims and suits for injury against pediatricians, orthopedists, hospitals and other medical providers for failure to diagnose or for negligent care
  • Claims and suits for injury from misdiagnoses
  • Product liability cases for injury involving toys, sports equipment, children’s products, infant or children’s furniture or equipment
  • Injuries arising from unsafe business premises
  • Daycare and preschool injuries.

For more information and resources, go to www.womens-injury-law.com

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I had a personal injury case that no one else would take, except Colleen. She was sensitive, comforting, professional, and very efficient. I am so pleased with her service and I highly recommend her and her team.
Susan Oliver
Susan Oliver
Grateful to work with Colleen again on our second private adoption in 4 years! Thankful for her timeliness, effective commmunication, and outstanding staff.
Michelle Spencer
Michelle Spencer
My husband and I just recently finalized the adoption of our son thanks to Colleen! Our situation happened FAST, and Colleen never missed a beat. Colleen, Katie and Charli were all quick to answer any questions we had and made us feel confident in their ability to provide the services needed. We were blown away at the knowledge and organization Colleen had throughout this process as well! We intend to continue to grow our family through adoption again, and will be using Locke & Quinn!
Ashley Halsey
Ashley Halsey
My wife and I worked with Colleen Quinn and her paralegal Charli (CharSalle) on my daughter's international re-adoption. We are in Fairfax, VA and they were happy to work with us even though we weren’t local to them. Everything was done by email and mail. They answered all of our questions in a timely manner and were very knowledgeable about the process. We worked almost entirely with Charli after the initial emails and phone calls and she was great to work with. They filed all of our paperwork with our court, everything went smoothly, and we received our Final Order. Charli has always kept us in the loop about the process and sent us updates. We mailed original documents back and forth without any issue. Their legal fee was very competitive and better than most attorneys in our own area. We are very pleased with their work and assistance in getting our adoption finalized. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to anyone. Thank you!
Ahmed Rashid
Ahmed Rashid
Great experience!! Everything I needed they took care of with a timely fashion! Highly recommend!
Morgan Williams Seay
Morgan Williams Seay
Bob Stiepock
Bob Stiepock
Personal Injury is a challenging event on many levels in ones life. Have you experienced a moment where you were injured and need to seek legal advice? You need to make a call to Colleen Quinn today. I began to research different law firms that handled Personal Injury. I interviewed several attorneys and spoke with large practices to small firms. I was impressed by Colleens resume and her work with women and the law. I will never regret hiring Colleen and her TEAM. The word TEAM is exactly what I received through out my case. My case was attacked with professionalism and the team was always in communication with me. When I would call to ask questions or to get a better explanation I was always made to feel as if I was the only client. As my case arrived closer to the trail date, my TEAM went into full 110%+ effort and preparation. Colleen was ALWAYS seeking to settle my case with the best outcome that she could. YOU WILL NOT FIND A MORE UPFRONT, HONEST, HARDWORKING-GET IT DONE ATTITUDE THAN THE TEAM OF COLLEEN M. QUINN!! MAKE THAT CALL TODAY-YOU WONT REGET IT!!
Lisa Moore Walker
Lisa Moore Walker
Cathy Tyree Herb
Cathy Tyree Herb


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