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The “No Fault” Divorce In Virginia

In Virginia, like many other states, there does not have to be “fault” placed on one spouse in order to obtain a divorce. Instead, a couple may obtain a “no fault” divorce upon a showing that, for more than one year, the husband and wife both intended to and continuously lived separate and apart without […]

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Prenuptial, Postnuptial and Partnership Agreements in Virginia

Protect Yourself Before You Merge, And Even After Merging by Colleen M. Quinn A prenuptial agreement doesn’t seem very romantic. It is difficult to talk about—and can even be somewhat emotional. However, for most folks who are contemplating marriage, it is essential. Many marriages and committed relationships end in divorce, without a happily-ever-after. That is […]

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The Importance of Basic Estate Planning

Many adults mistakenly believe that they do not need any estate planning documents.Every adult should have three important documents: a durable power of attorney; an advance medical directive; and a last will and testament.  These documents need to be prepared while the adult is competent. Even healthy young adults should have these documents as incapacity […]

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Virginia Same Sex Family Formation – The New Frontier

Family Formation Options for Single Parents and Same-Sex Couples in Virginia – Assisted Reproductive Technology, Adoption and Other Legal Options Colleen Marea Quinn, Esq. The Adoption & Surrogacy Law Center at Locke & Quinn Family formation for singles and same-sex couples in Virginia is not always as easy as it is in […]

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Can Spousal Support be Modified or Terminated?

Modification of spousal support and termination of spousal support are treated differently by the courts, so we will discuss modification of spousal support first. The answer to the question depends on how the spousal support was established.  If a court established the spousal support award, the amount of spousal support can be modified (increased or […]

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What is a GAL (Guardian ad litem)?

A Guardian ad litem (GAL) is a lawyer appointed by the court to represent the best interests of minor children in matters of custody and visitation pending before the court.  Should litigants in such cases desire for the appointment of a GAL, they may, through their counsel, motion the court with this request and may […]

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Equitable Distribution

Incident to a divorce, the trial court has the authority to divide the marital property and marital debts of the parties.  In Virginia, this process is called equitable distribution.  The equitable distribution statute, which is found in Virginia Code Section 20-107.3, requires the trial court to classify, value and then divide the parties’ assets and […]

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Oh Baby, Adoption’s a Fabulous Option!

Colleen M. Quinn Esq. presents a Free Workshop on April 24 Click here to download a PDF of the announcement.

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Paying Medical Bills Following An Accident

If you are in an accident – and you are injured – be sure to know the various sources for getting your medical bills paid. These include: health insurance, workers compensation (if the accident happened while you were on the job), medical payments coverage and, lastly, liability coverage. Regardless of who is at fault for […]

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What Can a Court Decide in a Divorce?

Other than dissolving the marriage, what other decisions can a divorce court make? Jurisdiction for divorce cases in Virginia is created by laws passed by the Virginia General Assembly. The Circuit Courts in Virginia have jurisdiction over divorces. By statue, the Circuit Courts can not only dissolve the marriage once grounds for divorce have been […]

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