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Colleen Quin’s Induction to the Virginia Law Foundation

2021 March 8 by

Becoming a Fellow of the Virginia Law Foundation is truly an honor, since 1987 there have been a little over 500 Fellows inducted into the organization out of a pool of 45,000. Colleen Quinn recently was inducted into the Fellowship class of 2021, and now joins a group of the best and brightest legal practitioners in Virginia. She has served as a board member on the Virginia Law Foundation and is honored to now be a Fellow.

Virginia Law Foundation Mission Statement:

“To promote, through philanthropy, the rule of law, access to justice, and law-related education.”

Every Fellow must be a member of the Virginia State Bar for at least ten years, and are expected to support the mission of the Virginia Law Foundation not only in their professional careers but in their day to day lives. Colleen Quinn is an outstanding member of her community and is a person of integrity and character, two characteristics that nominated fellows are required to possess. Public service and giving back to her community has been instilled in her since a very young age, and she is looking forward to continuing helping out her community not only as a civilian lawyer but as a Fellow of the Virginia Law Foundation.

Find Out More About the Virginia Law Foundation Fellowship

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Estate Planning

2020 September 22 by

Putting your legal affairs in order is the best gift you can give to you and your family in the New Year. Unfortunately it is hard to predict if and when we might be incapacitated and not capable of handling our own affairs, including caring for our children, or if and when we cannot make medical decisions for ourselves. While commonly called “estate planning” – putting your legal house in order is more then just having a will that says who gets your assets upon death. Certain documents apply to you while you are living and provide critical guidance to loved ones. Your essential legal documents should include:

A Will or a Pour Over Will with Revocable Trust.

If you have children – your will is where you specify any chosen Guardian(s). Depending on the complexity of the estate and assets – a simple Will may suffice or alternatively, a Pour Over Will might be advisable in conjunction with a Revocable Trust. One really nice thing about updating your will or putting one in place is that it forces you to take inventory of your assets including digital assets (like PayPal) and put in place an instruction system for your Executor to find and access everything.

A General Power of Attorney.

This document indicates who will manage your affairs if you are not able to do so – this can include paying bills, depositing checks, transferring assets, signing legal documents and the like. Many military personnel fully understand the utility of a General Power of Attorney when they need a spouse or other family member or friend to handle their affairs while deployed.

An Advanced Medical Directive and Living Will with Organ-Tissue Designation.

These can be separate documents but oftentimes are combined. If you are incapacitated due to an accident or illness or if you undergoing a medical procedure during which you cannot make medical decisions for yourself, it is essential to designate in advance who will make medical decisions for you. It also is important to have a Living Will to specify as which point you no longer would want to be kept artificially alive and whether you want any of your organs or tissues donated to others or used for research. The Advanced Medical Directive now can be registered in Virginia on line at

In Virginia, another document often prepared is a Burial Designation. Whether included in your Living Will or Burial Designation, spelling out your life end plans in advance will give your loved ones more guidance should you pass away. Resolve to set out your wishes in advance – whether you prefer cremation with a beach BBQ celebration or an open casket reception and church service. And by putting your legal house in order you will kick off a great start to the New Year!

This article provides general information only. For more details please be sure to contact an attorney. Locke & Quinn provides estate planning and other personal legal services. Article provided by Colleen M. Quinn, Esq. at

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COVID-19 Update – Open for Business

2020 March 24 by

To Our Valued Clients and Colleagues,

As the Richmond community feels the impact of COVID-19 (Coronavirus), the team at Locke & Quinn would like to take this opportunity to share the measures being taken as we continue to safely serve our community’s legal needs.

We will continue to remain operational while maintaining the highest levels of care for both our clients and employees. Until further notice, we are still open for business but ideally are holding client meetings by conference call or video (Skype, Facetime or other available means). If we do need to meet in person then we ask that our clients please wear appropriate masks or face coverings when visiting our offices.

From all of us at Locke & Quinn, thank you for your patience and understanding as we navigate through this difficult situation. We hope to serve our community as much as needed during this challenging time.

For additional questions or assistance, please reach out to our team at (804) 285-6253 or email me at

Locke & Quinn
Colleen M. Quinn,
Attorney, Partner

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May 16, 2018: Why is estate planning so important?

2018 May 17 by

Why is Estate Planning Important?

Attorney Jeremy Pryor of Carrell Blanton Ferris talks about estate planning and why it is so important.

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May 9, 2018: Understanding Virginia’s Crazy and Confusing Court System

2018 May 9 by

Understanding Virginia’s Crazy and Confusing Court System

Join attorneys Colleen M. Quinn and Kati Kitts Dean as they give an overview of the Virginia court system including what cases get filed where, when you can get by without an attorney (and when you cannot) and what cases warrant getting a court appointed attorney.

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April 4, 2018: Why Marriage Equality is Still Not Equality

2018 April 5 by

Why Marriage Equality Still Does not Mean Equality

For LGBTQI individuals and families – marriage equality has been a real celebratory event – but many folks do not realize that it still does not mean real equality for LGBTQI individuals. Join attorneys Colleen M. Quinn and Kati Kitts Dean as they discuss many deficits that still exist in the law for LGBTQI families.

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March 28, 2018: Tragic Tales of Under-coverage in Auto and Homeowner Cases

2018 March 30 by

Why do you need adequate auto and homeowner’s coverage?

Join attorneys Colleen M. Quinn and Kati Kitts Dean as they use real life sad stories to explain how Auto & Homeowner’s Insurance coverage really work and why having enough coverage really important.

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March 14, 2018: A Child Can Have More Then 2 Legal Parents? Really?

2018 March 14 by

Attorneys Colleen M. Quinn and Kati Kitts Dean talk about the recent and increased recognition of multiple legal parents including tri-partite parenting and three parents on a birth certificate.

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March 7, 2018: Exploding E-Cigarettes and Other Mass Product Defect Cases with Mike Phelan

2018 March 12 by

Mike Phelan of Phelan and Petty discusses exploding e-cigarette cases and other mass product defect claims. What can make a product dangerous? How do these cases get processed? What has to be proved? Why is preserving the evidence so important?

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February 7, 2018: Modern Day Feuds – Cyber-bullying, Revenge Porn and More!

2018 March 2 by

Modern Day Feuds – Cyber-bullying, Revenge Porn and More!

Instead of swords or pistols, today’s modern day feuds involve revenge porn, cyber-bullying, mis-use and misappropriation of photos, defamatory posts on Facebook, Go Fund Me challenges to raise money to litigate, and much more. What is legal and what is not? Attorneys Colleen Quinn and Kati Kitts Dean explore the current state of the law and how the legal remedies have not caught up with the modern day methods of feuding.

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